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Foundations of Education

Contemporary Social Perspectives

A work of academia exploring and investigating all the perspectives that encompass and influence our education systems.

Edited by Prof EO Adu, Prof. MP Mavuso, Prof. NS Duku, and Prof. CC Wolhuter 

Tomorrow's Tools 

Innovative Strategies for the

Modern Educator

Upcoming Title

Presents forward-thinking approaches and cutting-edge technologies, empowering educators to embrace the evolving landscape of teaching and learning in the digital age.

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Digital Defense 

Understanding Cyber Security in an Interconnected World

Upcoming Title

Offers an accessible, interdisciplinary guide to the essentials of cybersecurity, highlighting its importance in protecting data in our increasingly digital world.

Marvelous Monsters of Misty Mountain

A Rocky Adventure

Upcoming Title

A fun filled journery with the friendly creatures of the mysterious Misty Mountain.

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